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Temple Trace is very easy to use and based on things you have been doing on your mobile for years... for example, texting. See for yourself in the videos below.

How to Make a Booking

Simply click on the MAKE A BOOKING link on this website, then enter your mobile phone number in the first field. Next, enter the name of the temple you wish to attend. As you type, the names of the temples will appear in the list. The more letters you type the more it will narrow down your search. When you see the temple you want click on it.

Then in the DATE field, enter the date that you wish to visit the temple. Finally, put the time you wish to visit in the last field.

When you are happy with your selection click the BOOK button.

You will immediately be shown a QR code, along with your booking time and date. This QR code will also have a coloured background. This colour designates the colour of the slot you have chosen. At the same time, you will also receive a text message with the same details of your booking, along with a link that you can click on to display your unique QR code for that booking.

How to Retrieve a Booking

There are two ways to retrieve your booking:-

Method 1.
To retrieve a booking or to look at the bookings that you currently have, simply go to the main Temple Trace website and click on the RETRIEVE BOOKING button. Enter your telephone number and it will bring up all bookings that are associated with your number. Then simply click on the booking of your choice and it will show you your unique QR code for that particular booking.

Method 2.
On the text confirmation you received at the time of booking, you will find a web link. Simply click on this link and it will show you the QR code for that particular booking. This is a useful and fast way to bring up the exact QR code for the booking listed in the message.


When you arrive at the temple for your booking, simply show them the QR code that corresponds to your booking using one of the RETRIEVE BOOKING methods above. They will then scan your QR code and allow you entry to the temple if everything is correct.

As already mentioned, your time slot has a unique colour denoted by the background of your QR code (blue, red, green, etc.). You will then be given a matching coloured sticker to wear on your clothes while you attend your worship.


A few days later you will receive an automated text message with a very simple question on it:-

Are you showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms.

Reply '1' for NO, or '2' for YES.

That's all there is to it.

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